A record of urban and suburban streets

Sheffield and Liverpool in the 1960's and 1970's

During the 1960's and 70's Harry Ainscough, a local photographer living in Sheffield, born in Ormskirk Lancashire, made detailed records of the streets of Sheffield and Liverpool.

This web site is dedicated to displaying the collection of photographs using scanned images from the original negatives.

We are constantly trying to improve our references to the photographs on our Area and places page.

We also have on the "Film Rolls" pages, all the photographs from the rolls of film that were taken on the specified dates.

Many of Harry Ainscough's photograph's were bought by the Sheffield and Liverpool libraries. ( Picture sheffield website )

If you find photographs from their sites, by special request, we can put up the other frames taken on that day (in most cases)

Please contact us if you would have a request for a partcular area or place. We will do our best to display all we can.